DIG IN Mission Statement: DIG IN initiates inclusive community and cultural plans and actions that will contribute to sustaining a neighbourhood that is GREEN • CLEAN • SAFE • CIVIL by fostering improvements in the areas of its social, environment, cultural, economic and physical make up.

If you would like to join the DIG IN e-mail group, send an e-mail to: diggingin-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
If you experience any difficulty in signing up, please send an e-mail to Dougal Bichan our DIG IN Monitor, at dougal@dougalco.com and she will help you sign up.
(DIG IN requests e-mail discussion be respectful of each other and have goodwill and goods intentions toward each other and the neighbourhood. Our improvement goals are stated in the mission statement. Please use this list serve for issues related to improving the area and /or support for individuals, businesses and groups located within it. Please ensure that e-mails are constructive, respectful and work towards building a better sense of community where all are welcome.)

DIG IN meets the second Tuesday of every month, same time , same place
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, 7PM Ambrico Room, 1260 Dufferin Street (Dufferin Street south of Dupont

Upcoming and Recent:
DIG IN Supported Meetings and Events

An Nuit Blanche event to take back the night
Sept 29, 2007 7pm to 7am Bloor Street
On Bloor Street from Lansdowne to Margueratta

Bloor NIGHTLIGHT, a festival of lights along Bloor Street from Margueretta to Lansdowne unleashes a dynamic series of artworks that work to vitalize this at-risk area for Nuit Blanche. BIG: Bloor Improvement Group, with initiating artist Dyan Marie, and dozens of contributing artists, – offer BLOOR NIGHTLIGHT – an event that will involve wide local support and participation within this multi-problemed community. The event will work to help build a better Bloor. The 2 block-area BLOOR NIGHTLIGHT location between Lansdowne Ave and Margueretta Street is best known recently for its negative press coverage: 94 crack dealers charged in one month, toxic lands, struggling and vacant storefronts… Our event intends to be an overall catalyst to start to change all that. It is a Nuit Blanch project to “take back the night” and works from now until September to clean, repair and improve the street and help local business. BLOOR NIGHTLIGHT invites the city to witness the start-up of the vitalization of Bloor. The Artworks will create lighting, lighting events and activities along Bloor that will encompass the street in a creative glow that provides an exciting, beautiful and lively night as part of Nuit Blanche

Bloor NIGHTLIGHT Projects

Streetlight Sculptures – Curated by Orest Tataryn with works by by Lois Andison, Matthew Birch, Anne O'Callghan, Gordon Hicks, Thrush Holmes, Heather Nicol, Jonathan Sabine, Orest Tataryn,Christy Thompson, John Wilcox. Overhead sculptures are exhibited fixed to city streetlight poles creating a street-long exhibition of contemporary light art.

Joe Fleming Ice House and Film – Imagery shine through the walls of Joe Fleming eco house made entirely with ice.

Light House – Art transforms the House Of Lancaster and surrounding area at 1215 Bloor Street West.

No Bad Art Poster project by Miklos Legrady.
Videos by CCCA, Roman Milo, Dougal Bichan, DMP and others.
Ah! Mes Synchronettes: Performance /dance Eroca Nicols and dancers
Performance and stage events with ArtTV.
Eldon Garnet stainless steel text installation.
Shirley Yanover sculpture.
Ian Worling glass works and much more.
Programed and open stage.
Food and drinks served - and breakfast.

Cloud of Doubt – Objects and lights sources wrapped in place along the street to create lingering clouds by JP King and Stephen Marie-Rhodes.

Bloor Bike Light – A bike parade, tricked out in light for the night, curated and bike by Bruce Ward with Mark Greenhough, Herb VandenDool, and others.

Stores and Upper Floor Windows along Bloor – Local residents and businesses are invited to inventively light-up their store and apartment widows.

Sticky Lights – Small light sculptures, powered by watch batteries and able to be fixed by magnets to any metal surface enable a dispersion of light and art in unexpected places throughout the area. A Community Cave sponsored projects with artist, community groups and schools: Bishop Marrocco/Merton, Bloor Collegiate, Kent Senior School, Ontario College of Art and Design and The Student School

Water Tower – Local water tower landmark project by Roman Milo. Roman lights up the tower, viewable across the TTC lands and has an accompanying film at the Lancaster.

Vine People – Half human, half vine, Dyan Marie’s Vine People are ambassadors for green action – some say they are super-heroes, others troublemakers – Installed where needed for Bloor NIGHTLIGHT.

Carla Garnet Project – Illuminated drawing and sound performances with turn tables and overhead projector with John Abrams, Sandra Brewster, Andy Fabo, Cynthia Foo, Mike Hansen, Katharine Harvey, Janet Jones, Sholem Krishtalka, Srimoyee Mitra, Kate Monroe, Natalie Olanick, Frank Perna, Adrienne Trent and Lorne Wagman, Front window DVD projections by: Jesse Bollon, James Gillespie and Yvonne Singer.

House Light – Artist lamps made for the tables at the House Of Lancaster: Shelley Adler, Catherine Beaudetta, Kate Brown, Moira Clark, Nicole Collins, Brad Golden, Noel Harding, David Hlynsky, Ashley Johnson, Diane Lingenfelter, Dyan Marie, Larry Middlestadt, Jano Milo, Roman Milo, Richard Mongiat, Richard Rhodes, Snaige Sileika, Barb Solowan, Louise Vezina, Orest Tataryn, Bruce Ward, Shirley Yanover and others

Window Shopping – Interactive window projection by Andy Morris, curated by Ann Homan

Camp Fire – event by CELOS: Centre for Local Research into Public Space

Food +++++ music and events to participate in.
Funding: Bloordale BIA, Community Cave, Great Canadian News Co. Labatt Breweries of Canada, Simon Wookey

A DMP Dyan Marie Project with BIG: Bloor Improvement Group and DIG IN
DMP 416.539.8129 dyanmarie.com | bigonbloor.com | digin.ca

Participate in Bloor NIGHTLIGHT

Here’s how

We encourage you to create your own wearable light accessories and be an active part NIGHTLIGHT. Think flashlights, glow in the dark items and clothes, LED lights powered by watch battery, shinny bits, crack and glow jewelry. Many of these items are available at dollar stores, convenience stores and hardware stores. Like the idea but prefer to light up someone else – bring light-up materials and drop them off for others to use. Drop off box at the Lancaster inside the front door.

GETTING THE WORD OUT: Facebook | Myspace | E-mail Groups | Flyers
This all volunteer events need your help to get the word out so please pass information on via Facebook | Myspace | E-mail Groups – print out, post, and forward flyers – create your own including those in other languages….

Sept 29 afternoon we will be installing – drop down and offer your help – I’m sure we will be a mess until the very last minute and your help will be much appreciated. We will post a help wanted list on the door of the Lancaster and have people available to direct your help where most needed.

We want our extreme local Bloor NIGHTLIGHT to be a world inspiration and call on local videographers to tape our efforts and upload them to YouTube (youtube.com has how-to information on their site) Please include Bloor NIGHTLIGHT somewhere in the title or description for easy search ability.


NIGHTLIGHT is a partnership Nuit Blanche event, this an all-volunteer grass-roots effort is without official Nuit Blanche sources of funding for creation or installation (we just dropped $500 to book a scissor lift) so we appreciate and need and depend on everyone’s help to make this a success.

Thank you – we look forward to seeing you Sept 29 7pm to 7am and meeting the friends, family members and workmates that you have invited to come out and see our transformation of Bloor Street: Lansdowne to Margueretta.

The Participating Artists, Artist Groups, Contributers and Sponsors:
Over 50 artist are leading this event supported by a network of contributing artist, volunteers, community groups, schools...

Participating Artists:

John Abrams
Shelley Adler
Lois Anderson
Dougal Bichan
CCCA Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art
Community Cave
Alfred Engerer
Kristen Fahrig
Joe Fleming
Carla Garnet
Eldon Garnet
Mark Greenhough
Noel Harding
Gordon Hicks
JP King
Miklos Legrady
Diane Lingenfelte
Dyan Marie
Stephen Marie-Rhodes
Larry Middlestadt
Roman Milo
Richard Mongiat
Helen Nicol
Talia Shipman
Orest Tataryn
Christy Thomspon
Herb VandenDool
Guy Walter
Bruce Ward
Ian Worling
Shirley Yanover
and many others

Transformative Nuit Blanche art projects Take Back The Night,
Bloor Street between Lansdowne Ave. and Margueretta St. Sept. 29, 07, 7pm to 7am
A DMP Dyan Marie Project with BIG: Bloor Improvement Group and DIG IN

Among more than 150 Partnership Projects in this year’s Nuit Blanche, Bloor NIGHTLIGHT has been singled out by Mayor David Miller as a project not to be missed. Located in the at-risk neighborhood of Bloor Street between Lansdowne and Margueretta, Bloor NIGHTLIGHT takes back the night on September 29, 2007 from 7pm to 7am.

Bloor NIGHTLIGHT’s initiator, artist Dyan Marie, has curated more than 50 contemporary artists for the event to catalyze a process of revival by introducing engaged art and cultural projects into this at-risk area. Bloor NIGHTLIGHT explores as its theme the ability of light to transform physical environments, and by extension, refers to the possible use of light to improve the immediate surroundings of the community. Consequently, many of the creations associated with this event will be using light as a medium. With it’s diverse projects, Bloor NIGHTLIGHT is representative of Nuit Blanche’s intention to “showcase Toronto’s vibrant arts scene and this city’s cultural communities;” and yet, it is unique in its programming and objective of social change within a troubled community.

Local City Councillor Adam Giambrone writes: “ I am incredibly proud of our community and the effort they are putting into making Bloor NIGHTLIGHT a success.” Local MP Mario Silva offers “the event invites the city to witness the start-up of the revitalization of Bloor Street.” MPP Tony Ruprecht states that Bloor NIGHTLIGHT “promises to be one of this year’s most important and positive events in the area.” Officer Scott Mills from Crime Stoppers sees Bloor NIGHTLIGHT as “a wonderfully original approach to improving communities.” Moreover, Bloordale BIA Chairperson Spiros Komoudoros states: “we welcome and look forward to the transformation that Bloor NIGHTLIGHT will foster.”

This non-profit all-volunteer effort is possible only with generous support. Bloor NIGHLIGHT is an exceptional project at the heart of an exceptional event. Your participation and contributions are greatly appreciated.

Sunday 01 July : Canada Day!
DIG IN Festival at Wallace Emerson Park
1260 Dufferin Street (west side, just south of Dupont)
BBQ 12:30pm to 4pm
LEAF Tree Tour 1pm to 2:30pm

Splash Party | Clean-up the Face of Bloor Street.
July 5, 1 to 8pm. Bloor Street between Lansdowne and Dufferin. Wash windows, power wash walkways, fix broken tile, remove aerosol tags…how to fix it workshops, supplies on hand but you are welcome to bring friends, buckets, sponges.
Award of appreciate for anyone that last from 1to 8. (Counts as volunteer hours for school programs)
Meet at 1:00 Margueretta and Bloor (two blocks east of Lansdowne).

Please pick up a free Vine People Print
Exhibition at MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art,) June 21 to August 19, 2007, 952 Queen Street West.
In exchange, your participation would be appreciated in any of the following related projects:

Tree Tour with LEAF and DIGIN : WALK HERE
DIG IN festival 12:30 to 4:00, Leaf Walk July 1 to 1 to 2:30pm starting at Wallace Emerson Park. Tree stories and information along the WALK HERE route. Learn about the importance of tree, information about different tree species and the care of trees. Followed by a Canada Day Festival and barbeque in Wallace Emerson Park with Councillor Adam Giambrone, 12:30 to 4. Meet near the Wallace Emerson Community Center skating rink at Dufferin Ave. just south of Dupont.

Splash Party | Clean-up the Face of Bloor Street.
July 5, 1 to 8pm. Bloor Street between Lansdowne and Dufferin. Wash windows, power wash walkways, fix broken tile, remove aerosol tags…how to fix it workshops, supplies on hand but you are welcome to bring friends, buckets, sponges. Award of appreciate for anyone that last from 1 to 8. (Counts as volunteer hours for school programs)
Meet at 1:00 Margueretta and Bloor (two blocks east of Lansdowne).

Nuit Blanche Bloor NIGHTLIGHT | take back the night
Sept. 29, 7pm to 7am. Ten transformative projects take back the night with events on Bloor Street from Margueretta to Lansdowne and in and around The House of Lancaster Strip Club. (1215 Bloor Street West). Come and participate. Over 30 artists contributing.

Buy On Bloor | Buy any legal item on Bloor Street between Dufferin and Lansdowne.

Learn to Juggle or if you already know how, teach someone else. In preparation for the Bloor B.I.G. Juggle in 2008

Any self-directed goodwill-gesture to improve the experience of walking in the city.

Tuesday, JUNE 12, 2007, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Wallace Emerson

Tuesday, MAY 8, 2007, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Wallace Emerson
Downtown West Solar Energy Project.
Better Bloor. Starting Tuesday May 8th. Effort to clean-up Bloor and get people to install better lighting. Suggestions.Anyone in film? Want to organize and create (or help create) a YouTube movie about removing graffiti with officer Scott Mills and local youth doing community time? Report on Nuit Blanche Sept 29.
Opportunities re fashion show. Ideas for light wear.
Wallace & Campbell Parks : New Programs!

Tuesday, APRIL 10, 2007, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Wallace Emerson
Special Guest : Elise Hug, City of Toronto, Planning Department
University of Windsor Green Corridor Conference (www.greencorridor.ca) : Dyan Marie
Parks & Rec : Jutta Mason & Co. come to Wallace Emerson!
Savers Un-Paradise : another discounter signs lease at 536 Lansdowne
640 Lansdowne : TCE clean-up : update from Adam Giambrone's office
Special THANK YOU'S -- Jennifer Beer & Dougal Bichan for volunteering to help Dyan with the DIG IN website.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Wallace Emerson
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Ambrico Room, 1260 Dufferin Street (Dufferin Street south of Dupont
1) LEAF: planning for a LEAF | DIG IN | Walk Here | Wallace Emerson event with Adam Giambrone's Office = DIG IN Summer Social Event
2) The BIG Coalition - update and how DIG IN wants to contribute to a 2008 Festival,
3) LAND HERE development news
4) Open Discussion

Tuesday, February 13, 2007, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Wallace Emerson
Neighbourhood Update Agenda

Tuesday 16 January @ 7:00pm, Wallace Emerson
Victim Impact Statement,
CCTV, Lighting

Residents are invited to hear from Industry Experts. A panel of expert speakers have joined together to address topics like Crime, Drugs, Addiction and Mental Health. The purpose of this event is to inform residents on issues that are effecting their community.

When: Thursday, January 18, 2007
Time: 7:00PM (In the Gymnasium)
Where: Kent Senior Public School
980 Dufferin Street, south of Bloor, on dufferin. Please enter through Croatia Street.
FREE PARKING, across the street at Dufferin Mall

Toronto Police
Superintendent Ruth White, 14 division Unit Commander Toronto Police
Staff Inspector Brody Smollet, 11 division Unit Commander Toronto Police
Staff Inspector Rick Stubbings, 13 division Unit Commander Toronto Police
* CPLC members from the 11, 13, 14 division*

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Dennis James, Deputy Clinical Director, Addictions Program, CAMH
Josie Labora, Addiction Therapist, Cocaine Service, Addictions Program, CAMH

City of Toronto-
Susan Shepherd, Manager, Toronto Drug Strategy Secretariat

“Support Your Community, Get involved and Speak Out”

For more information contact: JACK FAVA favagj@hotmail.com


Borderless Candle Light Vigil and Candidates Debate

When: Friday, November 10, 2006

Time: Starting at 5:30pm

Where: Value Village Parking Lot, West of Lansdowne on Bloor Street, North East corner of the parking lot. Look for the Stage and Tent

Residents from Lansdowne and Bloor have come together to say enough is enough and are organizing with other west end residents a candle light vigil. An invitation has been put out to all Torontonians to come together for an event with NO BORDERS. Residents from across Toronto are welcomed, no matter the section of the city you live in, can come by and light a candle, be with others who share the same concerns and are also feed up and frustrated with the drugs and crime are plaguing our city. This Vigil with no Borders will say to all three levels of government that this is not only a policing problem, but a problem that can only be rectified when all parties come together as one solution. This issue should not be left on the shoulders of the taxpayers who are usually the victims. You are invited to drop by either before work or after, bring a candle or one will be provided.

Residents in the west end will also light up a candle to remember and bring attention to all the contaminated properties in the area, hoping for a quick clean up, putting peoples health before cost. Also on this night a stage will be set up outside in a open forum, inviting all candidates who are running for Mayor or City Councillor to come down and share your platform and convince the voters your are the right candidate.

Jack Fava Event Organizer favagj@hotmail.com
Alec Wright Co-organizer awright@wrightandco.ca

*The location of the event is on the Bloor Subway line, you can get off at Lansdowne and walk across the street to 1319 Bloor Street West, Value Village Thrift Store.*

Saturday 28 October, 2006
YIMBY : Yes, In My Backyard
11am to 5pm @ The Gladstone, 1214 Queen Street West

Monday 13 November, 2006
Municipal Elections
Call 416-338-1111 (press "5", then "0") to make sure you're pre-registered.

Tuesday, October 10, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Ambrico Room
1260 Dufferin Street (Dufferin Street south of Dupont)

Agenda Items

Neighbourhood Safety: Alley Vigil; Improving safety in our alleyways and Susan D'Oliviera, chair of the 14 Division Community Police Liaison Committee

Land/Development Updates: St.Clarens Townhouses; TCE Clean-up and 11 Division Police Station Site

Election Issues: Talk to your candidates and their staff

Cultural Initiatives: Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre GAP initiative-Green Spot Painted Gardens on Bloor. May also help extend Walk Here on Lappin.

We were given statistics from "Project Sting" an anti-drug effort that took place from September 5-October 4, 2006. 94 people were arrested, many in the Bloor-Lansdowne area. A total of 241 charges were laid. The people charged had a combined total of 1467 prior convictions. Most of the dealers do not live in the area - this has become a GO TO site to pick up crack.

MEET & GREET Candidates for Ward 18 Davenport
Saturday SEPTEMBER 23 2006. 3:30-5:30pm

1444 Dupont Unit 31(info updates and map at www.dyanmarieprojects.com)
Confirmed to attend:
Adam Giambrone & Simon Wookey

Exhibition in the Gallery | Noel Harding | Richard Rhodes

Organized by Jack Fava Theresa Boyle and Inspector Heinz Kuck

Rain or shine, residents from the Toronto Police 11 and 14 divisions are gathering together to have a Community Walk. This peaceful event will allow residents to express themselves by carrying signs or just joining others to say that they want a SAFER, CLEANER and HEALTHIER neighbourhood.

 The main objectives for this walk are to:

1 - Empower residents to get involved and have a say in what is affecting their community.
2 - Build stronger neighbourhoods
3 - Foster better dialogue and partnership with the Police and elected politicians.

After we are gathered at the park the emcee, Inspector Heinz Kuck of the Toronto Police 11 division, will address the crowd. We will then hear a few guest speakers. Following these comments, the walk will commence with the support and escort from the Toronto Police.

WHERE: Meet at Campbell Park (Campbell Ave/Antler St)

WHEN: Sunday, September 24, 2006

TIME: Noon (12:00PM)

Everyone is welcome; Parents, children and business owners. Any language or faith. You don’t need to speak English to participate in this event.

Please bring your own signs

Jack Fava, Event Organizer, favagj@hotmail.com

Theresa Boyle, Co-Organizer, theresa.boyle@sympatico.ca

Inspector Heinz Kuck  416-808-11

Tuesday Sept 12, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Ambrico Room

DIG IN : Summer 2006 not-a-meeting
Tuesday 18 July @ 7pm...
@ Ciro's, 1316 Bloor Street West, just west of Lansdowne on the north side
this not-a-meeting will involve food, beer and no agenda

DIG IN FESTIVAL at Wallace Emerson June 3, 2006
Opportunities to participate, plan an event, donate materials or funding, volunteer, play, have fun, learn, create. Want to help but can't make the meeting - contact Rebecca Peirson: E-mail rpeirson@sympatico.ca Telephone 416.536.4551

Please join us for the
Thursday May 4th, 7:00
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Ambrico Room
1260 Dufferin Street (Dufferin Street south of Dupont)

Followed by a working session for
DIG IN/Wallace Emerson Festival

Dupont/Bloor West
June 3rd 2006, 12-4 pm Wallace Emerson Park

An exciting Dupont/Bloor West Festival line-up on June 3, 2006 with free activities for young and old at Wallace Emerson Park, 1260 Dufferin Street in Toronto. Organized and hosted by local improvement group, DIG IN, this 2nd Annual Spring Festival brings back favourite entertainers and participants from last year and unveils an exciting new art installation to Wallace Emerson community centre – the international tile project. "The annual DIG IN Spring Festival is a treat for the entire Ward 18 community and beyond. This local improvement group knows how to bring the right elements together for a special celebratory event with community members, musicians and artists alike." Adam Giambrone, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 18

Highlights of Dupont/Bloor West festival on Saturday June 3rd, 12-4 pm include:

 TILE PROJECT Opening: Wallace Emerson Community Centre in Toronto will be the first Tile Project installation site in Canada (www.transculturalexchange.org & www.walkhere.org) MORE INFORMATION BELOW

GREEN HERE Initiatives: Greening Activities for All: Tree and shrub care, including mulching and planting flowering perennials and annuals in the long narrow gym bed (www.greenhere.ca)

BBQ Tasty Treats: lots of food and drink – to keep you going throughout the festival!

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts: Family event exploring making works in clay

Pet Show: Bring your dog and enter it into a pet show

Garage Sale: The biggest and best community garage sale in the neighbourhood. Something for everyone!
(to book a table call (416) 538-6771)

Wall Art Jam: Stoke your inner graffiti artist. Harbourfront Graffiti leads this once-in-a-teenage- lifetime-chance to paint graffiti without catching h*ll.

Sports Day: Soccer, Basketball & Bocci: Toronto’s own Eagles Soccer club, games and events for all sports

Meet Your Politicians: Councillor Adam Giambrone, Mario Silva MP and Tony Ruprecht MPP

Performance Stage: Local Musicians and Entertainers for all ages. Drumming workshop for the youngsters. Local School children performing from the musical, ‘Urban Oz’

Prizes to be Won!

All Festival events take place at Wallace Emerson Community Centre, 1260 Dufferin St., Toronto (SW corner of Dufferin and Dupont).

For more information call 416-536.4551 or visit www.digin.ca

Contact Information:
Rebecca Peirson – Dig In Festival Coordinator 416- 536.4551

Walk Here opens The Tile Project with the DIG IN Spring Festival
June 3, 2006, Wallace Emerson Park, 1260 Dufferin Street, Toronto, 416.539.8129

 The Tile Project

40 nations + 22 sites + tiles by over 100 international artists = 1 goal: to unite the world.

The Tile Project partners with Walk Here’s Constellation Project


1 city + 1 walking system + 16 local artists = an effort to vitalize, green and connect local neighbourhoods while fostering engaged communities, new public art, public space and green space.

The Tile Project On June 3rd Walk Here! dedicates a new public art work at Toronto's Wallace Emerson Park as part of TransCultural Exchange's The Tile Project, Destination: The World. Sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)*, The Tile Project culminates in 22 new public art works installed throughout the world from New York to Berlin, Sarajevo to Seoul, and, now, Toronto. Each installation is designed by local artists and includes a set of tiles generously donated by over 100 international artists. Thus, at each site the tiles stay the same, but take on a new identity, underscoring the importance of context in understanding a work of art.

At the same time, the composite works unite the world in ways that are respectful, tolerant and understanding of the global communities' differences and commonalities. As the Spanish Mayor and President of the City of Chinchón, Encarnación Moya Nieto, states, "In the midst of the harsh, conflictive and overwhelming international scene, that so many artists are capable of coming together to develop this project and place it within the public's reach, encourages hope for peace, enforces our aspiration for progress and helps us have confidence in humanity."

The Tile project partners with Walk Here/Constellation.

Walk Here: Constellation This community and public artwork that helps vitalize, green and connect Toronto West End neighbourhoods by creating an art-embedded walking system throughout the community that pull it together as a place and reconnects the area to the city at large. The walkway creates new public art, public space and green space. The Constellation Project includes local artists – Shelley Adler, Lois Andison, Blue Republic, Vera Frenkel, Eldon Garnet, Diane Lingenfelter, Dyan Marie, John McKinnon, Larry Middlestadt, Margaret Priest, Ants Reigo, Tony Shermann, Snaige Sileika, Dionne Simpson, Monica Tap, Guy Walter – each contributed a drawings recreated as a bronze relief sculpture and that now seeds the surface of the Walk Here walkway. Walkway users can create their own print edition by covering the cast in paper and rubbing a pencil over the surface.

The work encourages walking as a way to better health, body and mind and is a catalyst to notice, engage and celebrate the local. Over time, the intention is to expand the walkway into other sites with an ever-enlarging network of walking paths and circle of participating artists.

More About Walk Here: Constellation

Walk Here is an artist project by Dyan Marie with DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group and the Dupont / Bloor West communities in Toronto. www.digin.ca  www.walkhere.org Appreciation to the following for Walk Here sponsorship: Ontario Works, The Canada Council for the Arts: Artist in the Community, Ontario Arts Council: Artists in the Community, City of Toronto Culture Department with support from DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group, Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, City of Toronto Councillor Adam Giambrone, Toronto Parks & Recreation, Dovercourt Public School, St. Luigi School,  St. Sebastian School, Dupont / Dyan Marie Projects,  Member of Parliament Mario Silva, The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art,  Tino DeCastro, Wallace Emerson Community Center,  Guy Walter,  Bruce Ward, local artists, trades-people and residents.

More About TransCultural Exchange: The Tile Project

As a group, the artists of TransCultural Exchange have exhibited their work at many international galleries, museums, and other venues, including Paris' Palais de Tokyo, the London Biennale, New York City's Trans Hudson Gallery, The Chicago Cultural Center, Tokyo's radio:on:studio, Taipei's Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Berlin's Bar of the Museum of Modern Art, and the Fine Arts Museum of Ho Chi Minh City. visit: www.transculturalexchange.org/tileproject 
call: 888.464.4086 
email: tce@transculturalexchange.org

*Additional supporters of TransCultural Exchange's The Tile Project include the Asian Cultural Council's Starr Foundation, the Romanian Cultural Institute, Hewlett Packard, the Israeli Embassy's Department of Cultural Affairs, Core Computer Group, The Puffin Foundation, the Bosnian-American Association, MIT's Office for the Arts, Blue Space Contemporary Art Center (Ho Chi Minh City), JetBlue Airways, U.S. Department of State's Arts and Embassies Program, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston and New York, Camacho Arquitectos, S.L., Aeromexico, Boston College, Northeastern University, McDougal Littell, Harvard University, Globalbrands, the Open Society Institute, Boston Schoolyard Initiative, Massachusetts Cultural Council , Somerville Arts Council , Palmer & Dodge, LLP , Chris Patusky, Mira Bartok, Betsy  Carpenter, Sandi Parker, Lisa Cherkasky, Carol van Zandt, Jerry Scally, Tawny Ratner, Kathryn Kunkel, Helen Solomon, McDougal Littell, and Smart Meeting Design.

Artist participating in the Tile Project: also see www.transculturalexchange.org/tileproject

Project by Mary Sherman, Boston, MA, USA Co-Organizers

Caroline Anderson, Chicago, IL, USA
Kim Sillen Gledhill, New York, NY USA Assistants

Virginia Ilg
Dave Knudsen Contact Artists (TCE's representatives in the chosen world sites for the
project). AZERBAIJAN: Chingiz Babaev BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Cazim Hadzimejlic and Meliha Teparic in collaboration with Nermina Zildzo
FINLAND: Pirjo Heino FRANCE: Ralph Brancaccio Leo HobaicaGERMANY: Jannis Markopoulos 
INDIA: Bharati Kapadia   
ISRAEL: Karmela Berg MEXICO: Carlos Rodal 
NEW ZEALAND: Roland Idaczyk THE PHILIPPINES: Claro Ramirez ROMANIA: Cris Ciobanu SOUTH AFRICA: Juliet ArmstrongSOUTH KOREA: Sunghoon Yang SPAIN: Oscar Villegas Paez
TAIWAN: Pan Ping-yu TURKEY: Gulay AlpayUNITED STATES: Caroline Anderson, Ruby Barnes, Ginny Sykes (IL), Mary Sherman (MA, Washington DC) 
Kim Gledhill (NY)  
VIETNAM: Duyen Nguyen Blue Space Contemporary Arts Center Participating Artists
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Alma Suljevic Marko Pasalic, Samir BiscevicBELGIUM: Yannick Franck BRAZIL: Malvina Sammarone CANADA: Remigio Valdes de HoyosCHILE: Alejandro and Moira Sina CHINA: Moni Oolyonghai, Wang Qingzhen, Xiao Ruixin
CUBA: Magda Compos 
DENMARK: Alisa Clausen   ENGLAND: Susan Rowe Harrison Alison Smart FINLAND: Irja Rantala
FRANCE: Doris Kloster
GERMANY: Karola Teschler, Dorothea Fleiss, Markus Keibel, Tevahu, Karla Sachse
GREECE: Dimitris AmeladiotisHONG KONG: Jeffrey du Vallier d’Aragon Aranita
HUNGARY: Maria Fekete, Barkos Beáta
INDIA: Nina Sabnani, Jaishri Karani, Dilip Ranade, Parul Pattini, Himanshu Shetty, Amit Romani, Shikha Barman 
ISRAEL: Neta Dor (Lemelshtrich)ITALY: Elena Mastracci, Youliana Manoleva
JAPAN: Zero Higashida and Megumi Naitoh
KAZAKHSTAN: Assel AlpysbayevaLEBANON: Zeina Barakeh MALTA: Norbert Francis Attard   MEXICO: Elizabeth Ross  , Carmen Gimenez-Cacho, Spolartus, Diciembre Aguilar, Abel Ramirez Aguilar, Carlos Pez  NEW ZEALAND: Norbert Hausberg, Aimee McLeodNORWAY: Jet Pas
PERU: Jose Luis Yamunaque
PHILIPPINES: Noel El Farol, Eng Chang, Clara Gallardo, Eric Zamuco
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PORTUGAL: José de GuimarãesROMANIA: Nicolae Suciu
SOUTH AFRICA: Vuli Nyoni, Hwan Cheon Yang, Ian Calder, Michelle Coetzee, Bronwen Heath, Kirsten Nieser 
SOUTH KOREA: Jhee Hyong AhnSPAIN: Francisco Ariza, Chu Lily, Filippos Tsitsopoulos, Kristoffer Ardeña
SWEDEN: Urban RamstedtSWITZERLAND: J & W Management ConsultingSYRIA: Nur Aida Abdul Rahim, Saeed Abdlkarim Arida (Artist Collaborative) TAIWAN: Howard Chen, Yan Chung-shien, Liu Si-Don, Lien Si-Yi, Xu Zri-Shien, Wu Dar-Kuen, Chen Win-Yin, Lien Si-Wei, Chen Chien-Jnng, Huang Lan-ya, Lee Yi-chun, Chen Shiau-Peng, Yeh Yi-Li TURKEY: Özlem Kalkan ErenusUNITED STATES:
Arkansas: Ed Calhoun
California: Christopher Scorfina, Janett Peace, Cara Franson
Connecticut: Carnright Youngberg
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Hawaii: Andrew Fulenwider 
Illinois: Leonard Lehrer, Sabra Schmudde and Travis Alber  (collaborative team), Jin Soo Kim, Karen Ami Maryland: Ruth Pettus, Diane Kuthy
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The MIT Glass Collaborative: David Cheng, Niels Cosman, Emily Ford, Abby Gitlitz, Stephanie Hartman, Michelle McGuire and Erika Schutte, Ellen Schon, Mary Hughes, Peter Lindenmuth, Thaddeaus Beal
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North Carolina: Lynn Andrus
Oklahoma: Shan Goshorn Washington, DC: Francie Hester VIETNAM: Tinh Xuan Do, Dung Anh Mai, Hong Son Nguyen

see www.walkhere.org for more information
DYAN MARIE PROJECTS: 1444 Dupont St. Unit 31 Toronto ON Canada M6P 4H3
416.539.8129 projects@dyanmarie.com  www.walkhere.org

Thursday April 6th, 7:00
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Ambrico Room
1260 Dufferin Street (Dufferin Street south of Dupont)

Followed by a working session for
DIG IN/Wallace Emerson Festival June 3, 2006

March 2, 2006

Thursday March 2nd, 7:00 pm
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Ambrico Room
1260 Dufferin Street (Dufferin Street south of Dupont)

Dupont at Zenith,
A Slide Show Presentation about Dupont Street and Potluck Dinner
THE MORE PEOPLE, THE MERRIER. Meet your Neighbours.
We’re asking people to bring food to share if they can.
Want more details contact
Roy royb50@istar.ca.

Also See plans, discuss ideas for DIGIN RANKIN CRESCENT
Clean and Beautiful Project Special invitation to people living in the Rankin Crescent neighbourhood to come.

 1. Brian's plans for the space will be presented at DIG-IN's potluck on March 2 at the pot luck Wallace-Emerson Community Centre
2. A motion will be made there to accept the cheque and take on the project
3. The project will involve
a. DIG-IN accepting and cashing the cheque and passing along the money to Brian for materials
b. setting a date for the work on the site to take place at an "event," preferably with Adam 's attendance and participation
c. advertising through normal means to the DIG-IN membership and by flyer to the Rankin Crescent neighbourhood and inviting participants to join us.
d. doing the work at the event — perhaps a BBQ or something is in order.

Everyone Welcome

Feb 1, 2005

Meet at Caldense Bakery 7:00 - 8:30

Caldense Bakery, 335 Symington Avenue
North of Dupont, east side of Symington (same plaza as Beer Store)

Jan 4, 2005

Meet at Caldense Bakery 7:00 - 8:30

Caldense Bakery, 335 Symington Avenue
North of Dupont, east side of Symington (same plaza as Beer Store)

Followed by Festival planning up-date


DIG IN Spring Festival: at Wallace Emerson Park, Spring, 2006 The festival is an important opportunity to include everyone in the neighbourhood so please contribute to making it successful. Opportunities - Plan, Donate, Organize, Advertise, Participate!
WALK HERE: The International Tile Project
GREEN HERE: Campaign to plant 1000 trees, school food gardens, youth training green program

Jan 4, 2005

Meet at Caldense Bakery 7:00 - 8:30

Caldense Bakery, 335 Symington Avenue
North of Dupont, east side of Symington (same plaza as Beer Store)

DIG INto projects that help make our neighbourhood Green, Clean Safe and Civil including
Walk Here, Green Here, DIG IN / Wallace Emerson Spring Festival and many others.

DIG IN community meetings are held the first week of each month
Up-coming meetings Wed. January 4 and February 1, 7:00 to 8:30 at the Caldense Bakery, 335 Symington Avenue.
North of Dupont, east side of Symington (same plaza as Beer Store)
Everyone Welcome.

Opportunities to participate

DIGINTO local initiatives:

Community and public artwork, which helps revitalize, green and connect Dupont West neighbourhoods in Toronto. Through the creation of an art-embedded walking system throughout the community, it pulls neighbours together and reconnects the area to the city at large. The walkway creates new public art, public space and green space. WALK HERE phase one now installed at Wallace Emerson Park.

DIG IN Spring Festival
Plan for a local spring festival at Wallace Emerson Park in May 2006, Arts, Sports, Entertainment, Family Events

Network of local school food gardens. Youth employment reforestation program. Increase local tree canopy 25%. Plant 1000 trees.

Integrate New Development
Ensure that new development improves and relates positively to the neighbourhood.

Improve Local Parks
Work toward making local parks engaged, vital civil places for everyone. Ensure they are important focal points of community activity.

Bike Paths
Support the West End Rail Path project in progress along the rail corridor west of Osler that will connect to Walk Here.

Calm Traffic
Calm and improve street and laneway traffic. Provide encouragement to walk, bike and TTC it.

Tile Project
International Tile Project, 40 Countries, 20 International Artist and our local chapter.
Installation at Wallace Emerson Spring 2006

Pollution Control Initiatives
Breath Here / Cross Junction Pollution Watch, information gathering, education and action. NRI watch.

Community Building and Outreach
Communication & sustainablity development.

Bloor / Lansdowne Street-scape Revitalization
Sidewalk, roadway, trees.


Meet at Caldense Bakery 7:00 - 8:30

Caldense Bakery, 335 Symington Avenue
North of Dupont, east side of Symington (same plaza as Beer Store)


Overview of Dig In
Committee Reports:
Dig In Spring Festival
Tile Project
Green Here Campaign
Bike Path Committee Community Out Reach
Walk Here Project
Environmental Committee
Development Committee Galleria Mall/The Standard, Wallace Street And Other Tom Development
Digital Community - Web Site/email list Development

Other Committee Reports

Brainstorming Initiatives/Projects
Setting Goals and Priorities
Strategies for fundraising
Outreach – flyers distribution
Setting the December Meeting Date and Agenda

DIG IN Community-wide Meetings

October 6, 2005: Annual meeting, community update and elect new board members.

Meet at Wallace Emerson Community Center, 7:00 PM,
please come and help improve our neighbourhood

DIG INTO these local initiatives:

Green Here Campaign
Network of local school food gardens.
Youth employment reforestation program.
Increase local tree canopy 25%.
Plant 1000 trees.

Tile Project
100 artists from 40 nations produced and donated tiles as part of TransCultural Exchange’s The Tile Project, Destination: The World. The Tile Project will culminate in 22 public art monuments installed world-wide including Wallace Emerson Park. The project will be installed in May 2006 as part of Walk Here and the DIG IN Wallace Emerson Spring Festival.

Spring Festival
Plan for a local spring festival at Wallace Emerson Park in May 2006

Community and public artwork, which helps revitalize, green and connect Dupont West neighbourhoods in Toronto. Through the creation of an art-embedded walking system throughout the community, it pulls neighbours together and reconnects the area to the city at large. The walkway creates new public art, public space and green space. WALK HERE phase one was installed at Wallace Emerson Park July 1st.

Integrate New Development
Ensure that new development improves and relates positively to the neighbourhood. New developed should incorporate a progressive environmental approach, support life-long living and ensure places for families, artists, diversified commerce, green spaces.  Design should advance expectations for architecture, landscape and public art.

Improve Local Parks
Work toward making local parks engaged, vital civil places for everyone. Ensure they are important focal points of community activity. 

Bike Paths
Support the West End Rail Path project in progress along the rail corridor west of Osler that will connect to Walk Here (at Wallace Street Bridge). The West End Railpath will run from Cariboo Avenue, just north of the Dupont Street south to Strachan Avenue and King Street West, where it will connect with the Wellington Street bike lane. Cariboo to Dundas West Street has been purchased, plans are underway and they intend open within the 12 – 24 months.  More information see .railpath.communitybicyclenetwork.org

Calm Traffic
Plan to calm and improve street and laneway traffic. Provide encouragement to walk, bike and TTC it.

 Environmental Approach
Explore new approaches to paving, road and sidewalk construction, garbage, planting trees and heat in the area...

To join DIG IN email group send an email to: diggingin-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Note: August 15, 2005 the Toronto Star featured a story about the area - full text under at wwwdigin.ca under Integrate Development

Condominium projects are transforming abandoned factory lands into residential neighbourhood. Local residents want redevelopment that integrates with the community, writes Theresa Boyle


Friday • July 1st • 2005 • 12:00 - 5:00
Wallace Emerson Park
Dufferin and Dupont west end of the park

Opening of Walk Here: Community Green Walking System
WALK HERE, phase one, opening at Wallace Emerson Park, west end, with installed art projects; “Walking Walk Here”, stainless steel sculptures based on local primary schoolchildren’s drawing, “Constellation” bronzes by a number local artists and “Contained” which incorporates recycled glass works created with help from high school students and community participation. Ribbon cutting event with speeches.

Sports Day: Basketball Hot Shots, Soccer & Bocci
Basketball Hot Shots: Demonstration of basketball tricks & moves. Soccer: games and events, Bocci: introduction, demonstrations and games.

Pedestrian Railway Bridge Creativity Event:
Develop your amazing ideas for bridge building with materials provided
(serious fun!).

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts: Exploring clay
Time: 1-4, Family event exploring making works in clay and an opportunity to model ideas for a Walk Here bridge over railway tracks.

Extreme Cars and Trucks: Hydraulic Low-rider Display
Vintage hydraulic low-rider cars.

The Comic Jam: Make a comic book
A community drawing project to make a comic book with Ruth Tait.

Meet Your Politicians: Councillor Adam Giambrone, Mario Silva MP and Tony Ruprecht MPP

AND Food, Games, Sports, Prizes, Puppet Show, Pet Show, Build a Bridge, Defence Arts, Sand Sculptures, Low Rider Hydraulic Car Parade, Work in Clay, Ontario College of Art & Design’s Pedestrian Railway Bridge Ideas, Join a community Group, Find out more about Walk Here and much much more!

Thank you to our Festival Sponsors and Participants: Wallace Emerson Community Center, Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts, Extreme Cars and Trucks, Perth/Dupont Library, Toronto Eagles, Ontario College of Art and Design, The Stop Community Food Centre, Friends of Dufferin Grove Park, No Frills, Price Chopper, Zellers, BCP bank, UB Signs, ReproArt, and many others.



Canada Day, Walk Here celebration in Wallace-Emerson Park

Dear Friends and Neighbours of Dupont / Bloor West,

DIG-IN is pleased to invite you to participate in a Canada Day celebration in Wallace-Emerson Park on July 1, 2005, featuring the official opening of WALK HERE—a community and public art, public space initiative.

The celebration follows on the heels of last year’s very successful community festival held in Campbell Avenue Park, which was attended by almost a thousand local residents and families.  This year’s celebration will feature a ribbon-cutting ceremony with local political representatives, a barbecue, performances by talented local artists, sports games and demonstrations, exciting family activities as well as other activities still in the planning stage.

We are seeking your support for the event and would appreciate any assistance you can provide by:
  1. Donations: Sponsoring with a donation of money, goods (such as food for the barbecue, prizes) or services.
  2. Advertising: Promoting it with flyers, posters, school newsletters, radio, press, etc.
  3. Events: Contributing or sponsoring events
  4. Volunteer: Help to distribute flyers, collect materials, assist in management of events, set-up, clean-up park before the event, clean up after, etc.

Any assistance or support you can provide to this event will be greatly appreciated and publicly acknowledged by DIG-IN in promotional materials for the event as well as at the event itself.

WALK HERE (www.walkhere.org) is a community safety and public art initiative by DIG-IN and local artist and activist Dyan Marie with the Dupont/Bloor West community.  We are celebrating completion of its first phase in Wallace-Emerson Park. The project establishes safer access to the park through a new walking path with public art embedded into the walkway surface. The walkway opens with installed art projects; “Walking Walk Here”, stainless steel sculptures based on local primary schoolchildren’s drawing, “Constellation” bronzes by a number local artists and “Contained” which incorporates recycled glass works created with help from high school students and community participation. These projects reflect the diversity of the surrounding neighbourhood and celebrate its local skills and talent while encouraging the improvement and use of the park as well as the activity of walking.

Supported by Ontario Works, The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and City of Toronto Culture Department, Christy Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, DIG IN and implemented in partnership with City Councillor Adam Giambrone, Toronto Parks & Recreation, Dupont Projects, and local artists, schools, trades-people and residents.

DIG-IN (www.digin.ca) is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting a green, clean, safe and civil neighbourhood through inclusive community and cultural initiatives, focusing on improvements to its social, environmental, cultural, economic and physical aspects.

Planning meetings for the community-wide celebration are currently being held on the following Thursdays, please feel welcomed to attend.
Location: Wallace-Emerson Community Centre
Dates: April 7, 21, May 5, 19, June 2, 16, 23, 30
Time: 7:15 PM
Event: July 1st, Canada Day, Wallace Emerson Park, 12:00 – 4:00

If you would like to offer help please contact:
Rebecca Peirson at (416) 536-4551, or by email at rpeirson@sympatico.ca.

DIG IN Meeting at Wallace Emerson Community Center Thursday, March 3 from 7 to 9.

The Agenda will include:

1. A Walk Here update (more information www.walkhere.org)
2. Discussion regarding a decision to go ahead with a community-wide event, party or festival to celebrate the Dupont/Bloor west community and open the start-up of the Walk Here installation at Wallace Emerson Park.
Discussion would include:
- Best date for an event at Wallace Emerson Park,
- Who would like to participate ??? DIG IN, Local schools, Parks &Rec, Dovercourt Park Group, Wallace Emerson Community Center, Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, Boys and Girls Club, Toronto Eagles, West End Rail Path, Comic Jam, Local Unions, The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art....
- Kind of events to include,
- Fundraising for supplies…
- Publicity…
3. 1011 Lansdowne
4. Update from Adam’s office regarding neighbourhood progress

Feb 3, 2005 up-date on Walk Here community art projects in developed with the support of DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group and the Dupont / Bloor West Community.

1 Contained:

Bishop Marrocco/Merton grade 12 interns helped with the project “Contained” and thank you to the local residents that dropped off plastic bottles. The project focuses attention on found garbage – what it contains, how it’s packaged, its chemical make-up, consuming and recycling ideas and observations, appreciation of design and shape: discarded pop bottles, water bottles, soap containers…these refuge shapes – collected in the neighbourhood with the local community – provided a starting point for a Walk Here artwork that will be inset at Wallace Emerson Park. Filled with recycled glass, mirrors and cement and then cut in half the works appear as beautiful reminders. The works have been cast and are now waiting on funding to finish the remaining shapes to be ready for installation in the Walk Here walkway for spring installation at Wallace Emerson Park.

2 Walking Walk Here:
Primary students at three local schools, Dovercourt Public School, St. Luigi and St. Sebastian have contributed drawings that explore the ideas of walking, playing and being in the park.  Working with an educational Walk Here workshop with Snaige Sileika the children considered – local surroundings, environmental issues, ways to use parks, what public art and space mean – to produce images of people and animals in movement and activity.  The drawings are ready to be further developed to be cutout in stainless steel as soon as the funding is released. The works will be inset into the concrete walkway at Wallace Emerson Park. The drawing characters will appear as participates that are walking along the Walk Here walkway.

3 Connections:
The Ontario College of Art and Design is starting a project that will develop ideas for Walk Here. Specifically they have been invited to explore ways to connect two parks together by improving Lappin Ave. to have it link Wallace Emerson Park to Campbell Park. The call is to construct ideas that develop the street by introducing new ways to imagine it using public and community art as a vehicle for revitalization.

4 Constellations:
The following has been started in concept but not sure if we will have the funding or space at this time to complete the work for spring installation.

Artists that live and/or work in the area have been invited to create small black and white drawings that reflect their own work. The drawings will be used to create cast relief sculptures that will be inset into the Walkway at Wallace Emerson Park.

Cast relief sculptures are seeded into the surface of the Walk Here walkway. Individual casts are each by a different artist and is an expression of their overall work. These relief sculptures are inlayed into the surface in a controlled, random pattern suggestive of a magnetic pull and push to each other and the space they fill. Together they are viewed as a constellation, rich as separate worlds, magnificent as a whole.

The works contribute to making the Walkway an experience of continuous evolving discoveries. As a way to add an addition opportunity for participation for Walkway uses the surface of the cast are made so that rubbings can be made from its surface. Walkway users can create their own print edition by coving the cast in paper and rubbing a pencil back and forth over the surface.

The intention is that this work becomes an ambassador for the idea of encouraging walking and the creation of Walking Paths. Over time the hope is that project will expand into new walking sites with a growing number of participating artists.

4. Touch Stones
In open house workshops we have cast a number of cement pavers with finger mazes impressed into the surface. They may be installed in the Park

5. In Construction
To be discussed/developed is an invitation to unions, construction trades and landscape companies with local residents and business to develop walkway sections that demonstrate and celebrate their work. This would draw on the construction-based talents that already employ many in the community and are a ready source of appreciation. A youth educational component should introduce the idea of the trades as a career goal. This could be a competition that demonstration methods of construction and design excellence with awards worth competing for.

The walkway is a be a fabric of changing original patterns and an engaged, complicated motif reflecting the multi-cultural nature and skills of the local community.

More information about Walk Here is at www.walkhere.org

January 2005
There is an Open House Walk Here Workshop each Wed for the month of January at 1444 Dupont #31. Information materials are exhibited and some art elements that are to be embedded in the walkway will be on site. We have been working with cement so its a bit dusty but please feel welcome to drop by and see what is happening and perhaps participate.

Walk Here is a community action project for Dupont/Bloor West incorporating public art with new public space, streetscapes and green places, Walk Here will establish an art-embedded walkway that will connect Wallace Emerson Park with Campbell Avenue Park and bridge the rail lands with a pedestrian overpass. Intended as a vehicle for neighbourhood aspirations and as an engine of urban revitalization, this signature community artwork will create an enhanced sense of place and re-integrate the area with the city at large.
The Walk Here start-up for Wallace Emerson park is moving forward with plans and art elements in progress. For more information please see

November 3, 2004 DIG IN meeting focused on safety and reducing crime

October 6th, 2004, DIG IN Meeting was focused on local development. TTC site, The Standard, Lansdowne Homeless Shelter, Go, Galleria Mall...

Appreciation and thanks to our GUEST SPEAKERS

Brendan Agnew-Iler, from Councillor Giambrone office will give an undate and be available to answer questions.

Elise Hug, new City Planner for this area and her Manager will attend

Maureen Houlihan, Director of Hostels & Housing for Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre will provide a progress report on the Lansdowne shelter now in construction.

The public information session regarding
expanding the
Go Line on the CN Rail Line east side of Dundas West (where Dupont turns into Annette).
September 28, 2004 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm at St Josaphat School, 55 Pelham Avenue, Toronto, M6N 1A5

Meeting notes from DIG IN
Sept 1st meeting, see digin site, www.digin.ca under community news

Look Out: Look Here, Holly Jones Memorial Project

Look Out: Look Here is a community-based photographic activity that began in May 2003 as an outlet to direct concern expressed by the Dupont/Bloor West community in response to the murder of local ten-year-old Holly Jones. 250 cameras have been distributed to classmates, friends and neighbours along with a general invitation to the community to participate. The project uses photography as a way to look at Dupont/Bloor West neighbourhood and make a collection of things that focus attention.

Look Out: Look Here is a gesture of support to the family and a way to see the local in the sharp focus that photography offers. It provides encouragement to get out, explore and claim the neighbourhood.

Chose your favorite image from 1400 photographs made in the neighbourhood or find the photograph you took and add it to the exhibition sculpture in this participatory exhibition.

See www.lookoutlookhere.info

May 16 to June 1, 2004, Sat. and Wed. 12:00 to 5:00 PM June 1 to July 1 by Appointment

Participation and Support: Henngues Mark, William Fruong, Hennques Rick, Kathy Strilcic, Alex Desilva, Janet Berketa, Anne Fortin, Brian Santos, Muel Szolce, Delton Samuel Szoke, Katia Carvalhe, Sarah Serwatuk, Hatalie Nieves, Carlos Oliveira, Michelle Lu. Yanik Neto, Sara Carreira, Matthew Marie-Rhodes, Gigi Hoang, Jena Lorusso, Bonnie Ha, Glenda Heathcote, Lnace Lai, Ja Dean Sylvester, Gurwinder Singh, Harreem Naveed, He ndricia Norbert, Ahmet Ozalp, Rachael Bolton, Benjamin McPeek, Jessice Torres, Johnsos Bai, Nicholas McPeek, Aurora Concalves, John Derid, sophia Motluk, Nishad Nilam, Carina M, Kasha Singh, Lina Guadanli, Jason Desarego, Kevin Desarego, Richard Rhodes, Lillian Vieiraand and many more. Initiated by Dyan Marie. Support from Ed Burtynsky, Toronto Image Works and Kodak Canada Inc., Agfa Inc., Colourgenics, Ilford Inc., Lee Valley, Colour Your World, City of Toronto Crisis Fund, Perth Dupont Library, DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group and the Dupont/Bloor West Community 

Festival Events, May 16, 2004, 1-5 at Perth, Campbell Park and 1444 Dupont

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts:

Campbell Ave Park Rink House Time: 1-5

Family event working in clay


Walk Here:

Campbell Ave Park Rink House  Time: 1- 5

Hands on cement workshop and samples exhibition.

Walk Here: A plan for a community and public artwork that helps revitalize, green and connect Dupont West neighbourhoods by creating an art-embedded walking system throughout the at-risk community that pulls it together as a place and reconnects the area to the city at large.

The intention is that the walkway will become a source of attraction and indigenous expression. This multi-disciplinary project will work with people in the arts, crafts and trades to design and develop individual walkway sections with the help of artists, landscape architects, architects and urban planners. The walkway will become a fabric of changing original patterns and an engaged, complicated motif reflecting the multi-cultural nature and skills of the local community. It will be a unique attraction that works to add a stable, individual character to a neighbourhood that is threatened by rapid change.www.walkhere.org 

Extreme Cars and Trucks: Dupont Projects, 1444 Dupont, Building D, Unit 31, Information: dyan@dyanmarie.com, 416 531-1214, www.digin.ca

Hydraulic Low-rider Event

Time: Parade throughout the neighbourhood, Returns to 1444 Dupont Street

The Massage Gallery: Blind Spot

1444 Dupont, Unit 9A, Time: 1- 6

University of Toronto Department of Urban Planning and Design: Blind Spot an exhibition of projects that re-imagine parts of the neighbourhood.

The Comic Jam:

Campbell Ave Park Time: 1- 5

A community comic project by Ruth Tait, artist and comic book creator. Hands-on drawing project

Dupont Projects: LOOK OUT look here

Location 1444 Dupont # 31,Time: 1 - 5, Look Out: Look Here, Holly Jones photography Memorial workshop


B. Mad Studio & Airstream Gallery, 1444 Dupont Street # 22, Time: 1-6, Photography Exhibition


Food, Games, Sports, Prizes, Puppet Show, Low Rider Hydraulic Car Parade, Work in Clay with the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts, See ideas from University of Toronto Urban Design students about the neighbourhood, Meet your Councillor, Join a community Group, Find out more about Walk Here www.walkhere.org, Have Fun and much much more

Community Wide Spring Festival

Campbell Ave Park, Perth Park and Dupont Projects at 1444 Dupont Street,

May 16, 2004 1 - 6

Next organization meeting

Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 7:00pm @ 21 Randolph Ave.

Tuesday, May4, 2004, 7:00pm @ 21 Randolph Ave.

DIG IN Meeting May 5, 6:30 Perth Dupont Library

If you want to contribute an event or volunteer to participate please come to the next meeting or contact Richard Sanders co-ordinator: richjsanders@hotmail.com

Participants to date include the following list.

Davenport Perth Community Centre

Junction Triangle Action Committee

Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

Dig In: Dupont Improvement Group - www.digin.ca

Toronto Eagles Soccer Club - sports games

City’s Parks and Recreation Dept.

Perth Public Library - Puppet Show and Book Sale

Dupont Projects- exhibition related to the neighbourhood, www.todayi.ca

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts - Family event working in clay at the Campbell Ave Park Rink House www.gardinermuseum.on.ca

Walk Here - Cement workshop and samples exhibition at the Campbell Ave Park Rink House www.walkhere.org

Extreme Cars - Hydraulic Low-rider Parade

Warriors Martial Arts

University of Toronto Department of Urban Planning and Design - Blind Spot

The Massage Gallery - Exhibition about plans imagined for the Dupont/Bloor West area

The Comic Jam: A community comic project by Ruth Tait, artist and comic book creator.


Perth Avenue P.S.,  

St Luigi C.S.,     

St. Josaphat C.S.,       

St. Rita C.S.,    

and Bishop Marrocco C.S.S. 

A community-based photographic project

A community-based photographic activity is in progress that began as an outlet to direct concern expressed by the Dupont/Bloor West community in response to the murder of local ten-year-old Holly Jones. Cameras have been distributed to her family, classmates, and neighbours along with an invitation, in general, to participate. The objective is to use photography as a way to look at Dupont/Bloor West neighbourhood and make a collection of the things that focus interest, concern, pleasure, anger, joy…

The project is anticipated as
A gesture of support to the family and community that are struggling with loss,
As a way to see the local in the sharp focus that photography provides,
Encouragement to get out, explore and claim the neighbourhood,
A activity to pull the community together
A tool to support discussion and neighbourhood improvement efforts
Research towards a community artwork

250 cameras have been distributed to date.

Film and processing is now available to sign out
free, at the Perth Dupont library, 1589 Dupont Street

If you have accepted a carmera for this project please
return it to the Perth Dupont Library so that it can be developed and your name
added to the list of participants

If you want to participate, sign up at the Perth Dupont Library for a roll of 35 mm film, fill the roll and return it to the library. The images will be used in a community artwork. Names of all participates will be listed on the DIG IN website www.digin.ca and upon exhibition of the images in a community artwork

To date — a project initiated by Dyan Marie with Henngues Mark, William Fruong, Hennques Rick, Kathy Strilcic, Alex Desilva, Janet Berketa, Anne Fortin, Brian Santos, Muel Szolce, Delton Samuel Szoke, Katia Carvalhe, Sarah Serwatuk, Hatalie Nieves, Carlos Oliveira, Michelle Lu. Yanik Neto, Sara Carreira, Matthew Marie-Rhodes, Gigi Hoang, Jena Lorusso, Bonnie Ha, Glenda Heathcote, Lnace Lai, Ja Dean Sylvester, Gurwinder Singh, Harreem Naveed, Hendricia Norbert, Ahmet Ozalp, Rachael Bolton, Benjamin McPeek, Jessice Torres, Johnsos Bai, Nicholas McPeek, Aurora Concalves, John Derid, sophia Motluk, Nishad Nilam, Carina M, Kasha Singh, Lina Guadanli, Jason Desarego, Kevin Desarego, Richard Rhodes, Lillian Vieira, and the Perth Dupont Library. Support from Ed Burtynsky, Toronto Image Works, Kodak Canada Inc., Agfa Inc., Colourgenics, Ilford Inc.


Place: Perth Avenue Parkette
Date: May 11, 2004
Time: 7:00 P.M. (corner of Perth and Randolph)

The Family of Holly Jones, Friends, Metro Toronto Police, Neighbours and
others will walk from the park to Sterling Road.

For Immediate Release

Neighborhood Vigil Marks One Year Anniversary of Death of Holly Jones

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the tragic loss of Holly Jones, residents of Holly's neighborhood will gather on Tuesday, May 11, 2004 for a candlelight vigil. The vigil will begin at 7:00PM at Perth Parkette, located at the corner of Perth Avenue and Randolph Avenue (North of Bloor, east of Dundas). Members of Holly's family will join friends, neighbors, police and others to greet and speak only after the crowd has gathered at the house. We are also honoured to be lead and played by a piper who is a member of the Toronto Police Pipe Band . After the moment of silence we will slowly walk down to Perth Avenue and towards Sterling Road. Guided by the honour guards who are made of children holding candles.

In addition to marking the anniversary of Holly's death, other young victims of violence such as Cecilia Zhang and Rene Charlebois will be remembered. Furthermore the vigil will also remind the public and others that there is still much that needs to be done with respect to protecting our children from sex offenders and pedophiles. These
Comments expressed are those of the organizers and not of Maria Jones or George Stonehouse. Thank You

For more information, please contact:

Jack Fava Virginia Novak
(416) 534-0602 (416) 537-8006
favagj@hotmail.com virginia49@rogers.com

Walk Here website n

ow up: wwwwalkhere.org

DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group Meeting

Wed. April 7th, 2004, 6:30, DIG IN MEETING, Perth / Dupont Library.

Agenda items included:

• Postition for treasurer available
• Report regarding April 6 OMB meeting for The Standard
•Campbell Ave. Park workshop for Walk Here
• Spring start-up: Action for Parks: Safety Audits for Campbell Ave Park and Wallace Emerson Parks
• Update on planning for Spring Festival
• Open discussion


April 6th, 2004, OMB MEETING for THE STANDARD.
(Moved from Jan 7)

DIG IN and community presentations April 6 at 1:00 P. M. 655 Bay Street, 16th Floor

OMB file No: Z030021

Recent DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group Meeting

Wed. Feb 4th, 6:30, DIG IN MEETING, Perth / Dupont Library.

Agenda items include:

Michael Saunders will make a presentation concerning the Toronto Economic Development Division programs. He will provide information regarding applying to the city to adopt this area as part of an economic revitalization zone.

Being included in this program is an important opportunity for improving the area - neighbourhoods surrounding already have a revitalizing strategy in place. This program was the backbone for the improvement of The Junction and St Clair West is busy with it now. The program can bring substantial expertise and improvement funding to the community. The Toronto Economic Development Division’s big push is economic development and they want local business people involved. We encourage local business people including local artist to attend.

Dupont Improvement Group: Improving the neighbourhood
Community-wide Meeting

Councillor ADAM GIAMBRONE will address DIG IN’s Dec. 8th community meeting, 6:30 at Wallace Emerson Community Centre. Adam is Ward 18’s newly elected councillor. He and his office have offered to be active in supporting DIG IN’s efforts to improve the neighbourhood.

Councillor Adam Giambrone will be joined by
Patrick Jenkins will provide information about the up-coming OMB meeting for “The Standard Development”
Brian Green from parks and recreation, will discuss opportunities to improve local parks
Dyan Marie will introduce Walk Here, an initiative to develop a local green walking system.

We will also elect the DIG IN, Dupont Improvement Group: Improving the neighbourhood’s first executive committee

Please join us
Monday at 6:30 p.m. December 8
Wallace Emerson Community Centre

1260 Dufferin Street (Dufferin Street south of Dupont)

Meet and Greet with councillor candidates
Ana Bailao and Adam Giambrone
At Dupont Projects, Nov. 7th, 4:30 to 6:00, 1444 Dupont Street, Building D, Unit 31

DIG IN general meeting:Improving Parks
With Parks & Recreation Brian Green and our new councillor
Nov 12, 6:30 - 8:00
, Perth Dupont Library

Dupont Projects A new gallery and project space at 1444 Dupont Street, Unit 31

Opening exhibition
Art, Architecture, Landscape: for and about the Dupont West Neighbourhood

Open until Nov 15, 2003, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Wed. and Sat.

Oct 4th to November 16, 2003
Hours: Wednesday and Saturday 12:00 to 5:00 or by appointment
1444 Dupont Street, Unit 31

Dupont Projects is a new art gallery and project space devoted to urban space and issues. It launches Saturday, October 4 with an inaugural exhibition that focuses on the troubled Dupont West Neighbourhood of Toronto, an area that is the setting for several major development projects that raise complex urban issues. Teaming architects, landscape architects, and artists, the gallery offers a series of works that outline responses to the changing nature of the site.

Attila Burka: Burka, Varacalli Architects
- Concept Plans for the General Electric site at Lansdowne and Dupont

Guy Walter: Urban Surface, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Design with DIG IN
- Concept drawings for Community Green Walking System “WALK HERE”— a community and public art plan connecting internal neighborhood sites to the city at large

Sheldon Levitt, Les Klein: Quadrangle Architects
- Concept Plans for the redevelopment of the Galleria Mall site at Dupont
and Dufferin

Jim Melvin, Fung Lee, Alissa North, Sam Bietenholz:
PMA Landscape Architects
- Ideas for improving local parks: concepts for play, communication and
landscape interventions

Dyan Marie: artist and direction for DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group
- Photographic work documents: accidental gardens and cuts made into CN /CP rail lines fences to gain access to green space and reconnect neighbourhoods

Richard Rhodes: artist, writer and editor of Canadian Art magazine
- Photographs of sky formations above the horizon line of the Galleria Mall and Wallace Emerson Park

And official launch of the
Galleria Development Information to the Community website www.GalleriaDevelopment.com

General Electric Complex North of Dupont
OMB, Ontario Municipal Board per-hearing conference for the site
north of Dupont on Lansdowne Ave.

OMB Conference: Sept 29
For more information call OMB 416-326-6880
OMB website www.omb.gov.on.ca

General Electric Complex, The Standard, South of Dupont
OMB, Ontario Municipal Board per-hearing conference for 800 Lansdowne Ave.
The Standard, second phase, request for two, 26 story buildings, 592 units.
MEETING: Sept 12, 10:00 at 655 Bay Street, 16th floor, Hearings Room

The site plans / concept drawings for both "The Standard" development and
the large site north of Dupont to Davenport along west Lansdowne
are now
available to view at the Perth Dupont Library

Meeting at to review the Plans for the Standard

Tuesday, September 9th 6:00 to 7:00

at the Dupont Perth Library

Galleria Mall information website now up


If you would like to become involved or learn more about DIG IN's efforts please see the DIG IN website, it is updated on a regular basic so check back often. Your ideas, information, suggestions and your participation in DIG IN events and meetings is needed and appreciated. You can join DIG IN's E-mail discussion and information site by contacting

If you have information that may be helpful, useful, interesting, please contact us at dyan@dyammarie.com.

Project Statement: This initiative creates plans and actions to improve the social, environmental, cultural, economic and physical make up of the Dupont/Bloor West neighbourhood. The goal is to develop and implement a locally inspired ideas plan that incorporates diverse community and cultural concerns and solutions. The plan functions as an enactment guide to help foster an engaged neighborhood that is green, clean, safe and civil. Linking community-based ideas to the advice of cultural practitioners, the project expands the community’s context and its opportunities for improvement, integration and success.

By treating the neighbourhood as a creative site, the hope is to vitalize the process of urban planning. It returns the city to the aspirations of its citizens, opening the door for an expanded idea of civic life and assures the community a significant place within a wider context.

Dyan Marie

DIG IN: Diversified Initiative Guide for Improving Neighborhoods began as an
urban intervention art project by artist Dyan Marie. star-up June 2002

DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group is now an active community improvement movement for the Bloor - Dupont West area.
An executive committee for Dupont Improvement Group was voted in and held its first of its monthly meetings Jan 2004

Founding Director:
Dyan Marie

Executive Committee, DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group:

Patrick Jenkins and Ana Bailao - co-chairs
Shelley Durnin and Ian Letts - communications
Kevin Beaulieu - secretary
Maria - treasurer
Carmen Martino - librarian
Frank Margani - community outreach
Rebecca Peirson - funding-raising

Founding Director:
Dyan Marie

Advisors for DIG IN: Diversified Improvement Guide for Improving Neighbourhoods:

Adam Giambrone
Noel Harding
Jim Melvin
Richard Rhodes
Don Schmitt
Eva-Marie Stern
Guy Walter
Brian Green

Email Monitor:
Janice Andrews

Website Assistance:
Stephen Marie- Rhodes

More Information: dyan@dyanmarie.com

DIG IN: General Information Overview

DIG IN Neighbourhood

The site, located in the Dupont - Bloor West area, is situated in the northwest corner of downtown Toronto, intersected by east-west and north-south rail lines. Once an outlying industrial area populated by residents that worked in the factories, it marked the Toronto city limits. As times changed after World War II and Toronto expanded, the area has come to face serious and entrenched social issues arising in part from its lost industrial base. The patchy makeup of the area has ensured little progress over the years. The result is a neighbourhood with a distinct lack of enhancing features, a fact that abets the depressed atmosphere arising from its urban troubles. Despite this, the area is primarily a family neighbourhood with a vibrant mix of nationalities, professions, and aspirations.

Neighbourhood Concerns

The Dupont - Bloor, Dufferin to the CN/CP rail lines area of Toronto is densely populated, yet, to date, it is under-supported with the resources to face its multiple, entrenched neighbourhood issues. As a result, there are pressures and stresses with which the neighbourhood has long-standing concerns. A description of the neighbourhood includes:
• A distinct lack of enhancing, positive physical features to the neighbourhood amidst a pronounced abundance of trouble spots.
• Entrenched pockets of dysfunctional residents crowded into low-rent, high-rise apartment buildings.
• An illicit drug and sex trade is pronounced
• No real recreational walking routes or desirable end
destinations for walks
• Laneways and streets misused and littered with rubbish
• Vehicle congestion, safety and traffic-pattern issues
• With 50% more children than average Toronto neighborhoods, families also have issues about safety, especially since cars have hit too many children.
• Few and poorly functioning neighbourhood parks
• Closed storefront businesses
• Its physical layout is not favorable to building a sense of community (three railway lines, for example, divide the neighborhood)
• The area also has little usable green space and few residential trees
• With its many family homes it provides affordable housing for families of all cultures and backgrounds
• A concentration of individuals living in poverty or who are among the working poor
• Families of new Canadians of widely diverse nationalities
• For many household adults, English is a second language• Low levels of education and high youth school dropout rate
• Poor relationship with the police
• Underused industrial buildings offer affordable rent and are beginning to attract individuals and small companies in the arts.
• A recently established homeless shelter is further expanding to offer additional, transitional housing with resistance from some of the community
• The neighbourhood is one of the city’s most contaminated with toxic chemicals
• Available tracts of land have attracted development and development offers for higher density units with questionable benefit to the established community or integration into the neighbourhood.
• The recent murder of an neighbourhood child, Holly Jones shocked, outraged residents.

The City of Toronto’s Social Indicators and Priority Areas study prepared in connection with the new City of Toronto Plan focuses on indicators of risk, or social vulnerability. The study identified this portion of the City as being in the second highest quartile of socio-economic vulnerability. Having regard to indicators such as low income, unemployment, social assistance, tenant households, lone-parent families, education less than grade 9 and tenant households spending 50% or more income on shelter costs.


Adam Giambrone, Councillor for Ward 18, Davenport "DIG-IN continues to be a source of wonderful and creative ideas for enlivening our neighbourhood and for making it a better place to live and work. I am pleased to support their ongoing efforts."

"It’s become a dangerous place to live," wrote MARK BONOKOSKI, in the Toronto Sun in reference to living in Lansdowne/Dupont apartment towers.

Mario Silva, MP, Davenport, "DIG-IN continues to be the kind of community organization that effectively identifies the challenges facing our community and in so doing allows us to work together as a community to resolve these issues. I am pleased to continue to support their efforts."

"Ana Bailao, Candidate for Ward 18, "Enacting DIG IN’s masterplan would be the best thing that could happen to the neighbourhood, I am proud to have been a participant in helping DIG IN from the onset."

Tony Ruprecht, M.P.P. for Davenport writes, "The Lansdowne-Dupont neighbourhood is in process of change. Your ideas of how to improve our quality of life, from a ‘Green Walking System’ to a ‘Cultural Intensification of the T.T.C Barns’, should be applauded.

Brian Green, from Toronto Parks Department, at a Safety Audit for Wallace Emerson Park commented,
"Local Parks are underused and therefore feel unsafe, to feel safer they need to be better used, it's a circle that needs to be broken. Well used parks – equally by men, women and childern – are an important indication of neighbourhood health. DIG IN has a strong opportunity and will to help improve the local parks and I support their efforts."

Start-up Approach

Founder Dyan Marie developed an ideas masterplan as a Community Arts Project to start-up a discussion and help begin a program of improvement action. The masterplan continues to be presented to the community in an on-going process to further the plan by including the community’s participation, suggestions, ideas and comments. The masterplan is offered as a way to charge the imagination and rethink the community. Also, it will be utilized as a guide for participation and on-going improvement efforts. The masterplan intends to be a flexible document, open to opportunity, revisions and better ideas and processes as they arise.

Community Participation

DIG IN has made, and continues to make, extensive outreach efforts to ensure a wide range of community participation in developing improvement ideas and actions. Over the last year DIG IN has had discussions and input about improving the neighbourhood as outlined on the masterplan with residents, businesses, cultural community members, elected officials, local developers and community services, such as: local Toronto Public Library branches, Community Police Officers from 11 and 14th Division, The Parks Department, Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, The Dufferin Street Fire Station, local schools, Na-Me-Res, The Stop, Working Women, West Toronto Community Legal Services.


• DIG IN has held and continues to hold on-going community-wide public meetings,
• An area information news bulletin has been established and delivered door-to-door,
• Information posters have been posted in the community,
• A DIG IN email information group provides up-to-date information and discussion opportunities
• The DIG IN website (www.digin.ca) offers in-depth information ranging from history, community news, the ideas plans to up-coming meetings and activities.

professional and Cultural Advisors Participation

DIG IN’s intents to further develop a unique approach to neighbourhood improvement by engaging not only all the local community stakeholders but also leading professionals from the cultural and professional sectors. These volunteer advisors will bring an additional layer of creative and innovative ideas to urban problems, help foster fresh, advanced perspectives, and link the community to good will and attention of a broader community thereby increasing the neighborhood’s capacity for integration and success.


The following outlines some ideas presented to the neighbourhood in community-wide meetings where they were discussed and approved. The intention is that this ideas masterplan will act as a guide for improvement and participation initiatives.

1 Green Walking System WALK HERE

WALK HERE — a community and public artwork that helps green and connect the Dupont West neighbourhood by creating an art-embedded walking system throughout the community that pulls it together as a “place.”

The intention is that walkway will become a source of attraction, pride and indigenous expression. This project will work with the many talented local people in the arts, crafts and trades to design and develop individual walkway sections. The walkway will become a fabric of changing original patterns and a beautiful, complicated motif reflecting the multi-cultural nature and skills of the community. It will be a unique attraction and will add a stable, individual character to a neighbourhood that is threatened by rapid change.

The walk would start along a revitalized Wallace Emerson Park and move west to Emerson Ave. connecting down to a greened Lappin Avenue, onto and across the CN railway lines, to an improved Campbell Street Park.

This walk is anchored by two massive developments now in progress or in planning stage. The Galleria Mall development now being discussed will add an addition 1400 plus families to the area and will look over the Wallace Emerson Park. The Standard development will add another 1400 plus families to the area across from Campbell Park but separated by the CN rail lines.

Revitalizing and improving access to these two parks will be vitally important in helping to accommodate these many new neighbours to ensure that they become integrated into the community. By linking the parks with a clearly signaled walkway we expand the sense of neighbourhood, create destinations for walks, courage exercise, foster relationships, keep more eyes on the streets, helping to make the area safer and more engaged.

Phase Two ensures that the walk will continues from Campbell Park down Campbell Ave. to Wallace Ave and stretches along to the Wallace CN/CP walkway rail overpass and the rail path in planning/progress along the rail lines south from the Junction to King. This would connect our neighbourhood with the downtown communities.

Phase Three will work with the Parks Department and its efforts to develop a bike path
along the hydro corridor north of Dupont that will help connect our neighbourhood to the east.

Phase Four plans to improve and connect all the parks in the area along streets that will develop greener landscapes, plant more trees and introduce traffic calming elements.

Getting started - DIG IN has supplied a grant proposal for the Parks Department to start the first link of the green walking system as well as improve safety and access issues for Wallace Emerson Park. The proposal details creating a walkway that resolves safety issues in the park being accessed through the Galleria’s Mall’s busy parking lot, as well, the walkway would reconnects the park to its internal sites and the surrounding community and provides better entrance points into the park. The artwork inlaid into the walkways surface will focus on activities and games providing for an enhanced appearance that will also provide an additional level of recreational park activity.

2 Walking Path Along CN Railway Lines

Utilize the green spaces currently edging the north/south CN railway lines that run west of Lansdowne Avenue. An unofficial walking path and small allotment gardens now edge this strip between Dupont and Bloor Street.

3 Cultural Intensification:

The Lansdowne TTC Barns Site become: Toronto Place
The long-empty and soon to be demolished TTC barns on Lansdowne Avenue become a cultural institution, “Toronto Place”. This new institution would present exhibitions exploring the history of Toronto including exhibits focusing on our rich multi-cultural heritage accompanied by leading contemporary forums and exhibitions engaged with disciplines that help create cities such as: public art, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and community arts.
• Additionally, the building could host a contemporary art biennial. A Toronto based contemporary art biennial has been in discussion for many years but there has never been a suitable location, this site would finally provide an excellent opportunity to proceed.
• A residential unit could also be built on this large site to make needed housing available and to help subsidize the operating cost of the Museum.
• Several residential units may be used as artist-in-residence accommodation for Museum-invited national and international visiting artists.
• A private foundation or The Toronto Public Library may be interested in opening up a branch or reading room focused on community arts, design, public art, architecture, landscape architecture, community arts and urban design.
• The location is excellent. It is one block north from the Bloor subway at the Lansdowne stop, a modest subway hop from the Royal Ontario Museum and directly north of the Queen Street West Gallery District.
• A cultural loop utilizing the convenience of TTC travel, could advertise a circle trip linking the Ceramic Museum, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Bata Shoe Museum and the proposed Toronto Place (all connected on the Bloor Line heading west). A short travel south on the Lansdowne Bus will lead to Queen Street West and the New Gallery District; then one could walk east to the Art Gallery of Ontario and 401 Richmond art complex, to see a play at the King Theater District and end the evening at a nightclub in the same area.•
The creation of Toronto Place would substantially help the troubled local community. A long-standing tightrope of drug activity stretches along Lansdowne Avenue, shuttling back and forth for years between Dupont and Bloor. Cut the rope by converting the vacant TTC barns into a cultural institution and it will become the revitalization engine for the entire area.
• International urban renewal experiments have explored placing cultural institutions in troubled communities with excellent results as in PS1 in New York, The Tate Museum in London
• The site is now contaminated with industrial toxins and the buildings were announced as unsalvageable. The buildings will be demolished and the cleaned. The process will take time and the projected completion date has not been confirmed.4 Bike path Along CP Railway RoadCreate a walking and bike path along the railway-controlled road that follows the east/west PC railway line just north of Dupont Street. An unused railway line begins at St.Clarens Ave. just north of Dupont and turns into a gravel road at Bartlett Street, the road continues east for miles. Additionally on the north side of the tracks the city parks department is working on long-term plan for creating a bike path along the hydro corridor that might be helpful in accessing our neighbourhood from the east.

5 6 7 New Development

Ensure that new development improves and relates positively to the area including:

5 Galleria Development,

Located at Dufferin and Dupont, proposed large-scale, high-density, 1600 unit, condominium development.

Concerns: demolition of the local Galleria Mall, the mall offers local shopping, is accessible by walking and supports many local small businesses and local jobs, also, related density and construction concerns.

Opportunities: Wallace Emerson Park will be expanded.

6 Chelsea Lofts,

Located at the southeast corner of Lansdowne and Dupont, proposed seven-story condominium.

7 General Electric Complex “The Standard”

Located at the southwest corner block at Dupont and Lansdowne, large-scale rental redevelopment project. Concerns: this development is designed to function like a walled community with little integration or benefit to the community.

8 Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, Men’s Hostel

Located on Lansdowne Avenue south of Dupont, this one-year-old temporary homeless facility offers shelter to 45 men, sleeping in one room, many in bunk beds. The shelter provides meals and medical help, job and housing counseling. The shelter has been granted permanent statue and has plans to expand to provide additional transitional housing. The shelter needs to clearly communicate its intentions to the neighbourhood, act on community and city recommendations and be better integrated into the area.

9 Improve Wallace Emerson Park

Replan Wallace Emerson Park as a park that works for everyone. Our parks could be the spark for neighbourhood wide improvement actions. The parks hold out the opportunity to be places of sanctuary, reflection, exercise and fresh air. They are the first and often only contact with nature for many children. They should function as the social heart of engaged community life.

10 Improve Campbell Park

Revitalize Campbell Park as a safe, clean, green, well-serviced park for everyone.

11 Calm Traffic

Enact inventive ways to calm and improve traffic.

12 Environmental Approach

Explore new approaches to paving, road and sidewalk construction, planting trees and rising summer heat issues in the area.


• Inspection of problem housing, buildings and businesses (strip clubs) and their compliance with the law and community standards.
• Safe, sensitive schools that meet the needs of our children.• Clean, safe well-lit streets, laneways and parks.
• Opportunities to work locally by developing and supporting local businesses• Support of local businesses that train and employ neighbourhood youth and/or provide entry level training and apprentice programs
• Ensure the neighbourhood retains its individual character in the face of improvement by highlighting its unique multi-cultural qualities.
• Available and responsive community police officers active in the community, providing leadership (community safety audits), protection, reducing drugs, prostitution, and crime.
• Support and pressure for the people who are engaged in crime to help them to change their lives.
• Encouragement to walk, shop, hire, play and participate locally.
• A green, clean, safe and civil neighbourhood.Long term ImpactDIG IN intends that the long-term impact of its efforts will generate improvements to the psychological and physical landscape of the neighborhood. Social, environmental and cultural issues will be addressed and improved and the community strengthened through shared empowering experiences. The renewed landscape will offer walking paths, trees, green space, improved streetscapes, integrated development, neighborhood involvement and cultural and economic intensification. The process hopes to transform and vitalize the neighborhood, supporting an stable, empowered community that takes ownership of its concerns and participates in facilitating a vital and engaged place to spend a healthy lifetime.

Spring 2003 DIG IN events & projects

• DIG IN newsletter distributed to the area, issue #5, March 1, 2003
• Web site launched March 3rd, 2003
• Public meeting to discuss ideas plan March 4
• Public meeting and ideas workshop March 24, 2003
• Lunchtime meeting to research ways to make parks safe and inviting April 14, 2003
• Safety Audits for Wallace Emerson Park April 15, 2003
• Safety Audits for Campbell Avenue Parks April 17. 2003
• Developed and submitted two proposal for the Parks Department Incentive Fund for the improvement of local parks. July 25, 2003
• Initiated and worked with 11 Division police to close the message parlor at 1444 Dupont, closed April 28, 2003
• Discussion and action planning meeting to develop neighbourhood informal gardens. TBA
• DIG IN newsletter distributed to the area, issue #6, June 10, 2003
• Public meeting focuses on the west side of the neighbourhood to discuss progress on ideas master plan. June 18, 2003
•Launch of community photographic activity to encourage the community to look closely at the neighbourhood. June 18, 2003


Improving our local Parks

Develop ways to establish our parks as the focus of our communities, a place of sanctuary, reflection, exercise, fresh air, activities for everyone…. the social heart of an engaged community life.

Action To date: DIG IN organized Safety Audits for Wallace Emerson and Campbell Ave Parks, a number of use and safety issues have been identified and improvement recommendations. We hope the Parks and Recreation Department will implemented the suggestions as soon as possible.

Professional Volunteers for Better Communities Program

Establish a program to encourage corporate companies, cultural practitioners, universities and colleges to provide voluntary advice and assistance to communities at risk. A program of awards for recognition of participation could be developed with city/provincial support.

Action to date: A number of leading cultural professional have agreed to become volunteer advisors to review and help enact DIG IN’s masterplan and the City of Toronto has agreed to participate.

Economic Development Revitalization Program

DIG IN is in discussion with City of Toronto’s Economic Development, Culture and Tourism Department with the intention establishing support for including the Dupont/Bloor west community into its revitalization program. Application for inclusion must be well established before fall 2003, when the Economic development Office plans the budget the 2004 – 05.

Action To Date: Started discussion in Oct 2002, invited them to DIG IN public meetings, on-going process to supply them with DIG IN written material, meeting at their office April 2003. The Toronto’s Economic Development, Culture and Tourism Department stated that they are over extended but will discuss our participation in their program in the fall. They acknowledge that we have done a lot of work in the neighbourhood but cannot make any promises due to their lack of funds and limited staff.

Environment Incubator Urban Surface:

A community oriented workshop to explore, create and implement environmentally improved materials and processes for creative applications to hardtop surfaces. Production from the workshop could be applied to improvement opportunities such as community and public art projects, entrance markers and walkways in local parks, neighbourhood sidewalks, parking lots, design structures for community gardens, traffic calming elements and roof -top gardens.Programs of participation and education for local youth could be developed to introduce creative opportunities in cement construction. The initiative could support and draw upon the high number of residents employed in construction and have skills in traditional cement work and construction, as well as the large number of local residents working in visual arts and crafts with skills in art and design.

Action To Date: UCC Group, award winning hardtop construction firm has agreed to act as advisor for research and development.

Toronto Place, feasibility plan

Feasibility plan for The TTC Barns Site to be developed as a cultural institution of Toronto: ?Toronto Place
Action To Date: There has been a recent decision to demolish the building and the discovery that the site is more polluted that first expected, as well , their has been political discussion promoting the site for a location of a police station. Dig in is in waiting for more clarifying information. However, when the demolishing of the buildings has been completed, this four acre, cleaned area could become a good site for a community festival as a way to start to claim the location for community and cultural activity.

Community newspaper

Establishment of a community newspaper for residents (adults and children), business and the cultural community. The newspaper intends to link with surrounding neighbourhood to become a voice for uptown west by drawing attention to its concerns, ideas, opportunities, entertainments, culture, and events. After start-up the paper plans be self-sufficient with advertising funds

Documenting local voices: Stories from the Community

As a way to develop community appreciation and celebrate its unique qualities, DIG IN proposes a documentary event featuring interviews with local residents. The neighbourhood is home to rich multicultural composition and the stories residents have to tell are dramatic and riveting tales of bravery, hardwork and overcoming great obstacles to provide a life for themselves and their families. We have neighbours that escaped Cambodia in the time of the Khmer Rogue. Our local tailor was expelled from grade school in Iraq for not signing an agreement to spy on fellow students, without access to education he apprenticed in a trade. Another neighbourhood man worked for years to bring over his extended family from Pakistan, his father missed his birthplace and returned only to be kidnapped and murdered last summer.

Action to Date: Submited an artist project grant application to the OAC, results announced Jan. 2004

Celebrate Local Character and Skills: Festival and Program

As a way to retain and celebrate the indigenous character of the neighbourhood, a program and festival could be developed around skills in the arts and trades. This would draw on the construction-based talents that already employ many in the community and are a ready source of appreciation.The proposed activity is to create a community-oriented design/build program that will explore, create and install creative cement-based works that offer attractive, new points of beauty and interest to the neighbourhood within a functional framework. The program would be applied to improvement initiatives such as; entrance markers for local parks, design elements for new sidewalks and park walkways, design structures for community gardens, seating areas for parks, small plazas and containment curbs to mark pedestrian and playground activity. By including creative design, sculptural inlays, etched drawings, colour and cast elements, these new cement formations would transform utilitarian structural items into works of art.Ongoing benefits include ensuring that the neighbourhood retains an individual character by highlighting its unique multicultural qualities as expressed in the traditional excellence of the construction industry. The new, concrete-based design works will be a source of interest and attraction, making the area more inviting and engaged, fostering pride in both the neighbourbood and in traditional local skills. It will introduce and may encourage a new generation of youth to appreciate and perhaps apprentice in a highly employable trade. (The area now has concerns for high numbers of youth at risk with high youth school dropout and unemployment rates.) The projects will contribute to providing a safe, better-used, engaged, attractive and original neighbourhood by providing a cared-for appearance that invites residents to get out, explore and enjoy their community. The more the community is out walking the area, meeting their neigbours, the safer the neighbourhood will be. The projects will be a focus of renewal and appreciation for individual community members and a symbol of renewal for the neighbourhood.A local festival would be developed in co-ordination with completed projects and would include demonstrations in cement laying, mould making, landscape gardening, laying walkways, brickwork, tile-work, mosaic, casting, etc. An educational component would be directed towards youth. Local construction-based industries and unions could get involved and promote apprenticeship programs.The festival would be promoted citywide and could be linked to other events such as garden, trade, art or home shows. It could become a vehicle for establishing a positive attitude and reputation for this area, a source of local pride and participation, way to bring income into the area and a way promote local small businesses in art and construction trades.

Community Photographic Activity

The neighbourhood is invited to participate in a photographic project developed to help give expression to the sorrow and outrage felt in response to the brutal murder of Holly Jones. DIG IN will provide free cameras to participants to use photography as a way to look carefully at our community and make a collection of the things we see that focus our interest, concern, pleasure, anger, joy…
• A monument to Holly, her family and community.
• A way to see the local in the sharp focus that photography provides.
• Encouragement to get out, explore and claim back the neighbourhood.
• A means to pull the community together.
• As a tool to support discussion and community improvement efforts.

Artist Statement:

DIG IN: Diversified Initiative Guide for Improving Neighborhoods began as an urban intervention art project by artist Dyan Marie to develop a neighbourhood ideas masterplan. By treating the neighbourhood as a creative site, Marie intended to vitalize the process of urban planning and help return the neighbourhood to the aspirations of its citizens. The project opened the door to an expanded idea of civic life and continues to work toward assuring the community a significant place within a wider social and cultural context.
DIG IN is now a community and cultural improvement movement with wide participation in the neighbourhood and with aspirations to become a model for ways to improve troubled communities.


DIG IN appreciates the concern, ideas, advice, suggestions and volunteer help that has been offered.

Special thanks is extended to the following:
• Councillor Adam Giambrone, Constituency Assistant, Kevin Beaulieu and the councillor's office for on going advise, support and help
• Ontario Arts Council, Community Arts, Artists in the Neighbourhood, awarded an artist grant in 2002/2003
• Recent Councillor Mario Silva and Ana Bailao from the City of Toronto have been helpful in their advice, participation and support and have printed and distributed the DIG IN news bulletin
• 14 and 11 Division Police Departments for help in Safety Audits and being responsive to DIG IN concerns.
• Richard Rhodes, editor of Canadian Art magazine, for editorial advice
• Stephen Marie-Rhodes, Bluewox, computer upkeep and website development
• Janice Andrews, monitor for the DIG IN email discussion and information group• Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Center, for community outreach and co-signing the OCA grant application•
• Tony Ruprecht and Detective Neilson, 11th Division for their fast response and success in working to close the massage parlor located at Campbell Ave. and Dupont Street
• Perth Randolph and Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club for creating an excellent, safe and constructive environment for hundreds of neighbourhood children and for keeping my son gainfully occupied at the club while I work on DIG IN
• Perth Dupont Library, for all their work helping to support the neighbourhood and DIG IN’s efforts and projects
• The Dupont/Bloor residents, bussinesses and service groups that have helped and participated.
For more information contact:
Dyan Marie: dyan@dyanmarie.com 416 539-8129