DIG IN: Letters of Support

Adam Giambrone, Councillor for Ward 18, Davenport "DIG-IN continues to be a source of wonderful and creative ideas for enlivening our neighbourhood and for making it a better place to live and work. I am pleased to support their ongoing efforts."

Mario Silva, MP, Davenport, "DIG-IN continues to be the kind of community organization that effectively identifies the challenges facing our community and in so doing allows us to work together as a community to resolve these issues. I am pleased to continue to support their efforts."

Ana Bailao, 2004 Candidate for Ward 18, "Enacting DIG IN’s masterplan would be the best thing that could happen to the neighbourhood, I am proud to have been a participant in helping DIG IN from the onset."

Tony Ruprecht, M.P.P. for Davenport writes, "The Lansdowne-Dupont neighbourhood is in process of change. Your ideas of how to improve our quality of life, from a ‘Green Walking System’ to a ‘Cultural Intensification of the T.T.C Barns’, should be applauded.

Brian Green, from Toronto Parks Department, "Local Parks are underused and therefore feel unsafe, to feel safer they need to be better used, it's a circle that needs to be broken. Well used parks – equally by men, women and childern – are an important indication of neighbourhood health. DIG IN has a strong opportunity and will to help improve the local parks and I support their efforts."

Brendan Agnew-Iler with Councillor Adam Giambrone's office,
"In ariel views of the city of Toronto the area between Dufferine and Lansdowne, Dupont to Bloor stands out as a place with a dramatically reduced tree canopy. We encourage and support DIG IN's attempts to re-green the area."

Perth Dupont Library,
"DIG IN" has been an active agent for community improvement and has
contributed important innovative initiatives, projects and leadership.
Toronto Public Library enthusiastically supports "DIG IN". Furthermore,
the staff of Toronto Public Library's Perth/Dupont Branch have actively
participated in many of the efforts of "DIG IN".

1 • Tony Ruprecht, M.P.P., Davenport
2 • Mario Silva, City of Toronto Councillor, Davenport

Dear Dyan:

Your E-mail just came to my attention and I wanted to respond to it

The Lansdowne-Dupont neighbouhood is in process of change. Your ideas of how to improve our quality of life, from a 'Green Walking System' to a 'Cultural Intensification of the T.T.C Barns', should be applauded.

Please extend my best wishes to all your volunteers as they put their
shoulder to the wheel in order to create those positive changes we all seek
for our neighborhood.

My assistant Carol Golench will participate in your meetings and try to help

Yours sincerely,

Tony Ruprecht, M.P.P.

February 21, 2003

I am City of Toronto Councilor for Ward 18. Dyan Marie lives and has had her studio in this ward for the past 14 years.

Three years ago Dyan Marie called my office for information for a project she had undertaken in this neighbourhood. A developer had bought a site next to a railway line with intentions to build a series of automotive mechanical shops. Dyan persuaded him to let her help redesign the site for use that would be better-suited for the neighbourhood and for the needs of artists. The site was built with her recommendations and is now fully occupied with a community of 47 small businesses and artists’ studios.

Dyan has a strong commitment to this community and has effectively organized a number of advocacy and action efforts in the area, many of which my office and I have supported and participated in. Dyan has founded a community citizens improvement group DIG IN, published a community newsletter, organized a community-wide meeting to focus on ways to reduce crime, improved community – police relations, organized a community safety audit, set-up a neighbourhood email group and website.

I applaud her innovative approach to provide an ideas masterplan with community and cultural participation and that will function as a comprehensive community improvement guide. She has the practical skill, creative talents, ideas, energy and commitment to be a major force of social change.

Mario Silva
City Councillor