DIG IN: Improve Traffic

50% of all traffic fatalities are pedestrians

The neighbourhood has long-standing concerns with traffic and we need a traffic calming plan. Action must be taken to make the residential side streets and laneways safe and civil for the community. This area has well over 50% more children than many other areas of the city. Children and adults have been hit by cars with unacceptable regularity. Too many cars drive fast and dangerously, park incorrectly and make unneeded noise.

As residents we can help by being responsible, drivers. Please slow down, and drive carefully; our children are at risk. When picking up friends and co-workers early in the morning or late in evening attempt to be quiet, resist honking your horn for their attention. Children may be sleeping and your neighbours may work on different time schedules. Don’t leave your car idling when you wait, the sound is disturbing, the extra fumes makes our air quality worse and it is against the law. Laneways are for pedestrians and local traffic, not short cuts to avoid major streets. Watch for children, cyclists and pets. Control your road rage. If you can, walk, take TTC or ride a bike. If you see cars speeding or engaged in other disturbing behavior, write down their license plate number, colour and make of the car, a description of the driver and any passengers and call the police with the information.