DIG IN: Ideas Plan
for Lansdowne Dupont Neighbourhood


DIG IN has initiated an inclusive community ideas plan for the improvement of the Lansdowne and Dupont Neighbourhood. The intention is to get everyone involved in contributing information, suggestions and improvement ideas that will better the area’s social, environmental, cultural, economic and physical make up.

1 Green Walking System

Develop a green connected walking system throughout the neighbourhood that pulls it together as a place. To start, Wallace Emerson / Galleria Mall development would become a link that connects the Wallace Emerson Park to a greened Lappin Avenue, onto and across the CP railway lines, to an improved Campbell Street Park. see Walk Here website www.walkhere.org

2 Walking Path Along CP Railway Lines

Utilize the green spaces currently edging the north/south CP railway lines that run west of Lansdowne Avenue. An unofficial walking path and small allotment gardens now edge this strip between Dupont and Bloor Street.

3 Cultural Intensification: TTC Barns - Museum

Examining possibilities for the long-empty TTC barns on Lansdowne Avenue as a Museum of the History of Toronto: historical exhibits focusing on our rich multi-cultural heritage would be accompanied by leading contemporary forums and exhibitions engaged with disciplines that help create cities such as: public art, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and community arts.

A residential unit could also be built on this large site to make needed housing available and to help subsidize the operating cost of the Museum.

A few residential units may be used as artist-in-residence accommodation for Museum-invited national and international visiting artists.

A private foundation or The Toronto Public Library may be interested in opening up a branch or reading room focused on community arts, design, public art, architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.

4 Bike path Along CN / CP Railway Road

Explore creating a walking and bike path along the private railway controlled road that follows the east/west CN railway line just north of Dupont Street. An unused railway line begins at St.Clarens Ave. just north of Dupont and turns into a gravel road at Bartlett Street, the road continues east for miles.

5 6 7 New Development

Ensure that new development improves and relates positively to the area including:

5 Galleria Development
6 Chelsea Lofts
7 General Electric Complex “The Standard”

8 Lansdowne Homeless Shelter

Better integrate the Lansdowne Avenue / Dupont Street homeless shelter into the community.

9 Improve Wallace Emerson Park

Revitalize the Wallace Emerson Park as a safe, clean, green, well serviced-park for everyone.

10 Improve Campbell Park

Revitalize Campbell Park as a safe, clean, green, well-serviced park for everyone.

11 Calm Traffic

Enact inventive ways to calm and improve traffic.

12 Environmental Approach

Explore new approaches to paving, road and sidewalk construction, planting trees and heat in the area.


• Safe, sensitive schools that meet the needs of our children.

• Clean, safe well-lit streets, laneways and parks.

• Opportunities to work locally by developing and supporting local businesses

• Support of local businesses that train and employ neighbourhood youth and/or provide entry level training and apprentice programs

• Ensure the neighbourhood retains its individual character in the face of improvement by highlighting its unique multi-cultural qualities.

• Available and responsive community police officers active in the community, providing leadership (community safety audits), protection, reducing drugs, prostitution, and crime.

• Support and pressure for the people who are engaged in crime to help them to change their lives.

• Encouragement to walk, shop, hire, play and participate locally.

• A green, clean, safe and civil neighbourhood.