DIG IN: Control Garbage

The neighbourhood has an on-going problem with garbage. You can help by putting your garbage and recycling out on the morning on the correct day or after 7:00 p.m. on the day before. If any correctly packaged garbage is missed, call 416 392-7742; they may be able to return and pick it up. Do not leave uncollected garbage on the street as it is a visual eyesore, it blows around the neighbourhood, encourages others to put their garbage out on the wrong day and contributes to mice and rate problems. If you don’t know your garbage schedule contact the city.
Garbage Collection: 416 392-7742
or see their website at: www.city.toronto.on.ca
Garbage information is at:

We could all help the neighbourhood improve if we took the extra effort and regularly cleaned away the garbage in the roadside curbs, in front our homes. and removed the garbage in the laneway at the back of our homes. The city is supposed to do this but they can’t get to the garbage in the roadside curbs when cars are parked, and don’t do it often enough in any case to keep the neighborhood clean. This effort would considerably improve the appearance of the streets and help keep down the mice population.

There have been cases of dumping garbage, tires, oil and weeds in the laneways and parks, as well as dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs. These activities are illegal and carry a large fine.