DIG IN: Bike and Walking Paths Along the Rail Lines

Bike and Walking Path Along CN Railway Lines

Utilize the green spaces currently edging the north/south CN railway lines that run west of Lansdowne Avenue as a walking and bike path. An unofficial walking path and small allotment gardens now edge this strip between Dupont and Bloor Street.

CP Railway Road

Explore creating a walking and bike path along the private railway controlled road that follows the east/west CP railway line just north of Dupont Street. An unused railway line begins at St.Clarens Ave. just north of Dupont and turns into a gravel road at Bartlett Street, the road continues east for miles.

Related Information:

• Manager of Pedestrian and Cycling, Daniel Egan, City of Toronto, Works & Emergency Service, Infrastructure commented to DIG IN, – The first step to developing bike and walking paths along the rail lines in the Dupont area is to get the neighbourhood community and the City of Toronto Councillor, Mario Silva's support for the idea. –

• Inventory of Cycling Trail Opportunities in Rail and Hydro Corridors Lists Dupont line as Candidate , produced by The city of Toronto in 1998. The report acts as a good reference for identifying concerns. The north / south rail lines west Lansdowne were not considered in the report but the line north of Dupont was and is detailed as west to Bartlett Ave. East to Summerhill Ave./ Highland Crescent .

• West Toronto Railpath. On the west end of our neighbourhood a community group has approval and is actively pursuing a bike path along the CN/CP rail path.
West Toronto Railpath is a community initiative formed to co-ordinate the conversion of one of the rail lines running between the Junction Neighbourhood and Strachan Avenue south of King Street into a walking/rolling/cycling trail. The Railpath will re-connect our neighbourhoods, create a linear park and provide an emissions-free alternative route for neighbourhood cyclists and pedestrians to get to their destinations

For more information on West Toronto railpath see www.railpath.ca